Monday, December 03, 2007

one Prince will come..

at the moment, its that kind of feeling la..
what to do? Im just back from watching Enchanted

it was sooooper funny, and ultra romantic!

suddenly all those childhood memories, came flooding and crashing back to me! i remember watching Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella, Little Mermaid, Beauty & the Beast, Anastasia, Rapunzel etc etc etc...round ofter round, at least 15times EACH!!

Sleeping Beauty was so pretty with her long wavy red hair, and her off-shoulder dress, she look even prettier asleep!

Snow White was such a sweet thing, one call and all the animals would rush to her aid.. she even looked beautiful when she fainted after biting the poison apple.. Cinderella look all the more beatiful even in her rags. All these were princesses, if not in the natural, but definately one at heart. All of them longed for their 'Prince' or 'Knight in shining armour' to rescue them out of dire danger, sweep them off their feet, then ride into the sunset.. ahh.. how romantic!

But not Enchanted.. the riding off into the set took place right at the beginning of the movie! Hilarious! Prince Edward was going to marry Giselle the next day after they met! wwwwhat? ahaha "Tomorrow we shall wed...." he said. Yeap, these are what fairy tales are made off.. This one has a twist to it! amazing!

I remember through out the movie, there was a very warm feeling in my heart..a very cosy, brings-back-old-memories, fuzzy kind of feeling.. a feeling of being in love.. hahah i remember feeling that as a kid, everytime i watched one of those cartoons. It was always a happy ending. Most of the time, i would be so happy it made me cry.. and to my surprise.. i was teary-eyed at the end of Enchanted as well!

goshhh i guess that part of me never really grew up.. i secretly hope it wont =P

ahhh.. it was such a great movie.. wanna watch again! ahahaha anyone wanna watch again??

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