Monday, September 01, 2008

Lalalala tomoro is my 1st real holiDAY.. yes only one day

hey lovely humans.. i suddenly feel like i miss many people.. missed out on a lots of important events.. missed out on a very big chunck of LIFE. blame it on the exams la!!

these are a few of my regrets:
1. not being able to join the Chong Hws High School 3rd Scout Troop Reunion
2. not being able to spend time with TCC b4 she went back to Cardiff
3. not being able to spend time with LLH thru the harder times in life
4. not being able to spend time with my CG and section mbrs.. i sooo miss them
5. not learning up on my Photoshop shop skills (even wen iv installed cs2 like.. 5months ago)
6. not able to start learning drums again.. (even wen i have 2 new pais of sticks)
7. not reading the newspapers for 8 months
8. not replying enough emails as in should
9. not washing my car when it needs to be washed (you have NO IDEA)
10. not getting enough sleep
11. not spending enough time with God. ( i almost ALWAYS keep Him waiting, i would be so sien of myself if i were Him, so thank goodness im not)
12. not spending enough time with my family (padahal they will always have time for me =( )
13. not living in the moment
well..these are just a few of my greatest regrets.. you people in my life mean SO SO SO much to me. its absolutely true, even if i dont show it. i'll be working on it guys.. i promise =)
other things that have made headlines in my life recently are Connie's bday, UCSI CF CPR, and CF G.O. Camp.. pictures are everywer guys.. i cant keep track also.. do log on to for almost all of the pics..

im pretty fine now. after spending almost 2months in the 'desert' alone... with God. things that i've learn in the desert are:

1. to attempt to change the world without changing ourselves is a hopeless task
2. Jesus not only invites us to a new beginning, but also offers us a NEW LIFE and a NEW HEART.
3. The desrt adventure is for those who are committed to being a voice to, and not merely and echo of, the society.
4. The desert produces real people
5. In the pain i have found purpose, in the suffering i have learn perseverence, and in the loneliness i have met Jesus.
6. In order to lean on Him, we must first acknowledge that we cannot walk by ourselves.

God met me at my lowest point. I was LITERALLY all alone in these pass 2 months. I still thank God for dearest friends who have been there for me.. when i met the car accident, who took me to the workshops, who accompanied me to study for my finals for ridiculous amount of hours, who offered a shoulder to lean on, and ears to listen to me complain about life.. God bless u guys and gals!! I know it is by NO accident that you were where you were during that time. All sent by God for me, no matter what you have done. Even by just being there, you have helped me and are a great encouragement to me. THANK YOU ALL.. Love you soo much!

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