Saturday, November 22, 2008

有些事我只想要对你说, 因祢比任何人都爱我..

"有些事我只想要对你说, 因祢比任何人都爱我.."
(there are things that i only want to say to you, because You are the ONe who loves me the most)

this phrase changed my life forever. so often i tend to look back and wonder what is it that makes me want to live OUT my passion and not just settle for complacency or second best. its not because of the things that i have or havent done, not because of my past achievements or what i have done right. you might understand when i say that past mistakes might make you feel inadequate or undeserving a good life. but what happens if i say that even the good things that you did RIGHT also might STILL leave you empty inside.

this changed when i heard this fact. knowing that there is something and someone higher than me that knows me inside out and lvoes me for who I am, not for what i have or have not done. Nothing i can or cannot do can make God love me more. Ofcourse I want to make Him happy by living honourably and with integrity. But for those who dont, He loves them the same, not anymore than me.

Another song that resonated so much with me is "I Will Be Here" by Steven Curtis Chapman. This song made a very very deep impression in me from the very first time i heard it nearly 7 years ago. The viewpoint of this song is a husband singing to the wife. This song taught me so much above what true love is. For one, its not just about romantic love, but true love gives assurance, comfort, safety, understanding, patience, faithful during trials and tribulations, rejoies in accomplishments, comforting in failures and giving grace to mistakes. True love also stays strong together in seasons of change and transition, loving each other even when the mirror tells us we're older and most of all ,thanking God for the wonderful person He prepared for you.

My point is.. the love the husband has for his wife showed me how much God loves me. This love runs deep. Ive posted another version of it sung by Passion (dont know if its his real name) awesome stuff ..

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