Friday, October 29, 2004

On my 18th Birthday

Hmm..the clocked striked 12.00am on wednesday night. and my phone rang its first call for the day along with my first birthday wish frm my college friend.
After all those touching calls frm friends,i decided to quieten down and talk about LIFE with the One that gave it to me.Started of by listing down in my head,through the pass 18 years..what have i actually done for God. Yes, i have lived a good normal life,hadnt done anything really wrong,loved almost everyone i ever knew,never really hated anyone,been getting good grades,serving in the worship team,ushering,a cell leader..But God, why do you seem soooo far away recently?? even more as its my SHOULD be here with me,now..blessing me..BT den.. i think i havent spent quality time with you also.. God,things have been going rather unsteadily and uncertainly. I dont really know what im doing at any point of the day. But for today, the only things i ask for, is wisdome,knowledge,understanding, and a closer walk with You everyday.. I want you to be the centre beam,the rock,the ruler of my life. Thank you God for everything..and most of all for giving your Son to save me. yeah .. me.

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