Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Lazy la......

Sort of forgot to update the date&time in me brain..woke up not knowing what date,time,day it was.. talk about total blurrness..there you have it.Thank God 4 karen who reminded me that we were supposed to meet up with DrWong the college directors reguading the fund raiser we were planning to have in collaboration with the Deepa-raya celebrations..
Mahn..what?..its november already?? *ahhdoii* In view of what was lined up for the rest of the month, didn't even dare to think of it.October was rather full,confusing,& dry.. But didnt God say that we will bare 'much fruit' in this season? So..what happened..God?
A rather senseless and stupid question to ask a great God? yupp.Why ask God when even a kid can answer that? But i guess, every minister would also have been through this stage before..
But as PsDavid once said.."God does not need a qualified/competent person, but only a heart that is simple,childlike, and most of all..a loyal heart & willing mind to work in"
he also said "Beware that the fruitfulness of God's word in our lives is yet detemined by our receptivity and teachability." in this open heart & mind to actually grab hold of whatever mistakes God has corrected in us..and do not repeat it..
Afflictions should NOT cause us to "just fling of the load onto the road".God has already given us the correct amount of grace & strength to go through it and come out StroNGeR !!

But may the God of all grace,who called us to His eternal glory by Christ Jesus,after you have suffered a while, may come out perfect,establish, and strengthen and settle you.." (1Peter5:10)

I truly believe that this is "the waiting" time. At the same time,while waiting in faith & patience.. "Patience forms the foundation & sustains faith until the real result is manifested.The has the courage to refuse satan's favourite lie >>" God's word is not working fo you.... :P "

Similaly to a marraige vow..Only under the pressure when nothing seems to be going right..can one test the true depth of ones faith in God..
Being a these days especially..but.. to be willing to be broken,waiting in faith and in total surrender to what He is most pleased about & will definately reward you in due time.

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