Thursday, December 23, 2004

Was Santa really coming to town?

"Silver bells....silver bells...its Chirstmas time in the city...Ring-a-ling...hear them ring..soon it will be Christmas day!!" This Christmas album is an ancient casette which is my family's collection since more than 20 year back.. I've grown up with these songs...which the likes of Barbara Streisand,Andy Williams,The Ray Conniff Singers, Johnny Cash,Frank Sinatra,PattiPage,Jim Nabors,Elvis Presley,Robert Goulet,NatKing Cole, Kenny Rogers, Jerry Vale, Lionel Richie,and....okok....kk... this has no end. Me also an oldies (preferbaly ...60's) fan...those were darn romactic pieces.. bt... does not necesssarily carry true love..God's kind of love.

Anyway, Christmas for me.. since a child, was a season of getting LOADS of prezzies.. thanks to the aunts, uncles,grdmas and ever so loving grand aunts.. its also when we write letters to Santa telling him what we want this year.. in standard one..i remembered asking him 4 2 front teeth that fell off during the year.. ohh goshhh! other requests were like...Rapunzel Barbie, Egyption Barbie, Prince Ken, a My Little Pony video tape, a Jem And The Holigrams series, the Pink lace dress in the shop the other day, the silver kitten heels shoes, a pair roller blades, a civilised kid to sit beside me next year...(yes, i did hav weird ppl in class), the hair band with the fuzzie halo attached, ohh yess!! and a BraveHeart bear ( from the care bears)!!!

Kids had to go to bed early on Christmas Eve. So that Santa could drop by to put the presents under the tree.. HAHAHAHA and one more thing...We had to put a huge mug of Ribena and cookies out in the hall for the tired Santa! so that he could have a bite or two before continuing his journey to other homes..haha in the end i found out that it was my uncle who ate and drank the stuff..n tricked me into believing that Santa really came!! We also had 3 stockings hung on the that if there werent enuff place under the tree, Santa could put it into the stockings... once my aunt said she heard bells ringing outside the house.. n saw a group of deers outside.. n also head a huge thud in living room..n sed that Santa could become invisible and slid into the house by walking thru the glass door!!!!~~

These....were things that gave me thrills and excitement wen i was a kid.. i guess many other kids thought the same as well... THANKS to the extreamly imaginative adults..!

The year i became suspicious was when i was 6years old..n soon discovered that it was all hoax. It was rathe dissapointing..but was also encouraged that i was smart enuff to catch my uncle eating the cookies i left during the night.. ( i set of on a quest sneek up on Santa to see how he actually looked like..n well..he was big...round black..coz it was my uncle)... This was the Christmas a long time ago..

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