Monday, March 17, 2008

God be THE solution!!

woww the last time i posted about GOD BE THE SOLUTION is in september 2007...
this song had been speaking to me and changing whatever perspective i had about ministry... the lyrics speak for itself.. this has thrown me forward into what i am doing right now. I;ve learn that ultimately, ministry is ALL about loving God and loving people.. its impossible to worship God without carrying out His love and will- to love people and to see justice on earth as what it is exactly like in heaven right now.

it is NOT a human right to stand and not fight
while broken nations dream
open up our eyes so blind that we might find the mercy for the need
singing' hey now
fill our hearts with Your compassion
as we hold to our confession..

it is not too far a cry too much to try
to help the least of these
politics will NOT decide if we should rise
to be Your hands and feet

higher than all circumstance Your promise stands
Your love for all to see
higher than ALL protest lines and Dollar signs
Your love is all we need..

woaaahh God be the solution!
woaaahh we will be Your hands and be Your feet!

We will be Your hands, we will be Your feet
We will run this race for the least of these!
in the DARKEST place we will be Your LIGHT!

christians reading this blog, i encourage you now and will KEEP ON DOING IT..the disasters in the world are as REAL as raw meat. the hurts and torments others went through and are still going through are real. the earth is too broken for us to be still standing in our comfortable 'my zone', wishing for WOrld Peace. our sitting and hoping for it will never bring it any closer to reality. Lets all be good hands and good feet for God towards our own fellow human beings- which are emotional beings just like us.

Lets get OUT there, let God be the solution in those people's lives. but you have to get OUT there 1st. Or you can stay inside and share Christ's death and resurrection to your pet turtle. Like i did a long time ago. LEtting Jesus touch lives through you is wayyy fun!! Its not just fun, its an adrenaline rush..!! Once you start, there's no such things as getting enough of it. Just like there's no such thing as loving a person too much.. We will go together!


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