Friday, November 05, 2004

Sweet Surrender

HUH! almost had this post done last night..when half way thru my PC kena hang..wuz like shiZZle!! mahnn!
Nvm. *sigh*
We had our 1st class with our new chemistry lecturer.goodbye Ms.Aneela. *tsk tsk tsk* But to think of it..what a waste of 4 whole months..Had a SOLID 2 hours on tutorials & another 2 on titration.Chemistry class never felt sooo fulfilling 4 a long time..Tho we are goin to have to start from scratch..Chap 1 Atoms,Molecule & Stokiometry ..but..All the better rite? Get to build a stronger foundation..or am i just comforting myself?? I do appreciate the watever effort she has put into improving herself. But it just wasnt enuff. After having 1 full lecture on the 1st topic, is when we realised how far backwards and left behind we actually were. well, i did ask God for a new lecturer you Lord!

I never really had the patience & consistancy to write a diary last time. there were ones that lasted me 1 year the most. Let alone a blog.But i guess cz blogs are more easily accessible..So,this time..i dare myself to keep this up until i break my last record 1 year..muahaha..sesat la..
Few weeks back when i stumbled accross my old diary..Reading the stuff i had written when i was in form 3.. haha it was hilarious..!~ Talk about childish ways.. Well, i guess it just shows how much you have grown over the years..maturing in spirit,soul & body.

Again,about presbytery night at MTI tonight.Ps David did things quite differently this time. He divided the whole congregation into 2 groups..MTI foreign participants on 1 side & WorldHarvestChurch members on the other. Ps William frm KK was to pray for us.WHC mems were also divided into : normal church members, M21cell ,M22cell and assistant pastors.

God was soooo very real.The air was different.It carried a certain supernatural kinda weight..It was God's very own presence together with the Holy Spirit hovering over the crowd.Those who were waiting to be prayed for, had similar gestures , an eagerness & anticipation on what would God do?What was He going say?What is He going to expose? Well, for me..I really & always wanted to hear from God on what He wants to say about my future.A confirmation to what He said 2 years ago at HUGE camp 2002.. It all seemed so uncertain..quite impossible & ...well..dont know what to do next..
But tonight, i asked God fo something different.Or Ps William said,tonight was a time of receiving the grace,anointing & replenishing of our own spirit. Tonight, was solely given to the HolySpirit.He pointed out the areas that im extreamly fond of which i have to give to God.One thing the HS showed that hit me..was that: to be called, u have to behave like a person who has been called.To be set apart from the rest. To be called into a royal priesthood & a partnership with the Father.. He also mentioned "Evangelism in worship.."... i wonder..

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