Saturday, January 01, 2005

2005..will be a green pasture.

Happy New Year!! to myself...muahaha i really wonder y isint anyone online now??!! Where have all the people gone? hehe i know its like what? 3am? BT still nevermind.. Just taken a break off Geometrical Progression. When nothing seems to make ANY sense at all anymore... just had to come out to chill.

I wonder what the year-end partiers are doing.. i wonder what the big concert organizers are doing.I wonde what other people aound d world are doing.. n i wonder what am I doing???

Its a weird time to blog la...4 one.N i sure aint gonna start about resolutions.Well..cont in da bighter part of the am la.. now.. a cuppa creamy nescafe and back to the books.. tryin to start 2005 on a more "rajin" (~ yeah rite!). kinda note..

God, have your way in me. Give me a passion for the lost and hungry for your spirit. This year will be different.

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