Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The Aftermath

It has been 10 days since the start or the new year 2005. There is a strong atmosphere of busyness, rush, scurrying, and seeing people all around me trying to keep up with time. The aftermath of the earthQuake in Aceh and the Tsunami that it triggered had brought 150,000 lives to an end and has ended 2004 itself on an alarming note. Lives are THAT fragile!! Fishermen that went out to sea did not return. Tourists that were sunbathing on the beach,ended up running for their lives..Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters

Lives are that fragile!! The starting of the new year began to see people of the world coming together as one, showing the kind love & support i have never seen or heard of before. People like, Michael "Shoemarker"..doing his bit with Euro 10 million, Japan's PM freezing all debts that d affected countries have with it, little
children..some even digging out their whole savings,celebrities sharing their earnings, and EVEN the disables giving their best. Altough

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